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Are you looking for a local insurance agent you can count on?

Tami Cooper

Your Insurance Lady

Helping You Protect Your Everything!

Everything?  Like what?

Tami is a licensed Texas Insurance agent
who can help you with your
Auto Insurance,
Homeowner's Insurance,
Renter's Insurance,
Umbrella Policy,
Farm & Ranch Policy,
Farm Liability
and most importantly,

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What makes Tami different?

With Tami as your agent, exceptional customer service isn't just a perk, it's a promise. Tami gives her clients her cell phone number, so she is always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and help navigate the insurance process either in person, with a call or a text message.


Meet Tami Cooper

Originally from Smithville, TX, Tami moved to La Grange, TX when she was in the 4th grade. She graduated from La Grange High School in 1997 and married in 2000. Tami and her husband have 5 children (3 girls and 2 boys), 2 turtles, 2 cats and a German Shephard-Black Lab mix. In her free time, she enjoys writing and crafting and her favorite color is purple. You'll soon realize this when you see her office!

She was the General Manager of the local rent-to-own store in La Grange, TX for 10+ years before deciding to leave the corporate world and go into the Insurance Industry. Tami is a licensed insurance agent in Texas who can handle your auto, homeowner's, farm & ranch, umbrella and life insurance policies.

Get To Know Tami Better

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Issues You May Not Have Even Realized


Does This Sound Like You?

  • You purchased your Auto policy online... and anytime you need anything or have a question, you get an employee in a call center.  You may not even know what your liability limits are set at.
  • Your Homeowner's policy is whoever your mortgage company told you to use...  Did you know you can shop around for the best price and if you bundle your home and auto, you can get a discount?
  • You have Life insurance through your job... But is it enough for my family to continue on, financially, without you?  And are you able to keep the policy if you leave your job?
  • And when it comes down to it... do you have an agent you can count on to be there and to explain your policies, so you know exact what you have?  An agent that you can call directly when you have a question, need to make a change or make a claim?

Having all your insurance policies in one place is just so convenient and with a companion discount, you can save big.


All Our Products

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Auto Insurance

Whether you need full coverage (comprehensive and collision) or just liability, talk to Tami to get an auto quote that's right for YOU.

Topics of discussion:

  • ​Liability Limits:  You need your limits to match or exceed your net worth in order to protect your assets.
  • Deductibles: If you're generally a safe driver, you might want to increase your deductible, which will lower your premium.  
  • Rental & Roadside: Will you need a rental while your vehicle is being repaired after a claim?  Would you need assistance if you had a flat tire or a break down?
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Homeowner's / Renter's Insurance

With Tami as your agent, she'll review your policies annually to make sure you're protected the way you should be.   Whether you own your home or rent, talk to Tami to get a home quote that's right for YOU.

Topics of discussion:

  • ​Your home's information: the year it was built, the construction, roof type and year of roof, number of baths, details on the interior (fireplace, flooring, upgrades, remodels. etc.).
  • Your liability needs: did you know that increasing your liability from $300,000 to $1,000,000 is just a few more dollars a year?
  • ​Companion Discount: did you know if you combine your home and auto insurance, you can get a companion discount?  You like discounts right?
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Life Insurance

Tami will talk to you (and your spouse) to determine your coverage need.  This is different for everyone; life insurance isn't a one size fits all. 

Life Insurance, what's it for?

  • ​Replace your Income: in the case you're no longer here to provide for your family, life insurance can help them financially.
  • Pay for Final Expenses:  life insurance can cover funeral expenses, so your family doesn't have to fundraise to pay for it.
  • ​Pay off debts: life insurance can be used to pay off your home (mortgage protection) so that your family can continue to live in their home without struggling financially.
  • Leave an inheritance: life insurance can be left to your children so they'll have money for college, a wedding, first home or any other life event they may need it for. 
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Customized Solutions

Tami understands that every client has unique insurance needs. That's why she offers a customized insurance solution tailored to your specific situation. Tami will work with you to understand your needs and provide the best coverage options.